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What type of traffic is available on the platform?

On our self-service platform you can buy native web and mobile format and popunder as well from any geo. Overall volume is more than 600 mln impressions a day, 60% is for mobile and 40% for the desktop. For more information about volumes in particular countries and winning cpm bids please contact our support support@adoperator.org.

How to make an account in your platform?

Please follow this link client.adop.co/advertiser/signup to sign up to our self service platform, there you can add funds and create campaigns in few steps.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you have any questions about our self service platform or you need an advice about converting offers, landers, feel free to contact our support – support@adoperator.org.

What are the top converting verticals on your platform?

Our traffic fits to these kinds of campaigns:
– mobile apps and wap subscriptions
– dating and social
– online shops
– games and e-gaming
– utility apps and extensions
– crypto and fintech

What targeting options are available on the platform?

You can target your campaigns by:
– Geo
– Day of the week
– Specific hour
– Operating system
– Browser
– Wifi/3G
– Carrier
– Keywords or domains
– IP range

What is smart bidding?

Smart bidding is the strategy that sets bids to help you to get as many conversions as possible to target CPA goal that you set.

What is CPA goal?

Using CPA goal you can track performance of your campaign – conversions. Add this macro {conversion} to your destination URL and set up Conversion tracking URL, here is the example how it should look like https://xml.adop.co/conversion?id=2691684&c={conversion}&count={count}&value={value}

Which campaigns are prohibited to run on your platform?

You are not allow to run ads containing adult, drugs, mislead, illegal activity, phishing offers, content locking ads and etc. For more information about prohibited ads please visit Advertiser’s Guidelines – https://adop.co/terms_of_service.

How much time does it take you to approve the campaigns?

We usually approve new campaigns during 1-2 hours, during the holidays this delay may be longer but no more than 12 hours.

What are your payment methods?

You can add funds to your account in different ways – Wire transfer, Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin.

What are your payment terms?

We work on a prepayment basis, minimum deposit for wire transfer is $1000 and $200 for Paxum and ePayments.

What are your pricing models?

You can buy traffic on CPC basis.
For other models like XML please contact our support team support@adoperator.org.

Who allowed to purchase traffic from our platform?

People from all countries can create the account, add funds and start popunder or native campaign.

How can I make a refund?

If you want to make a refund, please contact support team with all the details of your case. It usually takes us 7 business days to review the information provided and process a refund.

What to do when you see a message “Too many login attempts”?

If you see this message on your login page, please try to login with the different IP address. If you still have issues with login to the platform, please contact support team support@adoperator.org.

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